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Token Contract: 0xF44fB43066F7ECC91058E3A614Fb8A15A2735276
Forge Token uses Bitcoins' Store of Value concept.
By using Proof of Work, Staking, and Auctions we aim to have a fairly distributed token.
Every 5 years the rate of rewards halves, like Bitcoin.
    Meaning all contracts then distribute half as many Forge Tokens as the previous 5 years.
This is all done using contracts on the Polygon blockchain which are 100% decentralized, fair, trustless, and ownerless!
We aim to not be considered a security by having a 100% decentralized, open and fair distribution.
    It is a good thing to not be a considered security token!
Never before have all these technologies been on such an affordable blockchain.
WhitePaper Forge Token Contract

Forge Tokenomics Buy Forge

Total Supply - 42,000,001 Forge Tokens

There are 3 contracts that distribute all Forge tokens to users, the distribution is as follows.
21,000,000 (50%) Forge Tokens distributed via Proof of Work Contract(Mining)
10,500,000 (25%) Forge Tokens distributed via Auctions Contract
10,500,000 (25%) Forge Tokens distributed via Staking Contract
Forge Stats

Proof of Work Contract

To get started download our GPU miner below

FPGA Miners: 0xbtc algorithm, stratum+tcp://

FPGA Miners: BNBTC algorithm, stratum+tcp://

Proof of Work will distribute 50% of the total Forge Token Supply

A way to securely mint Forge tokens using our safe POW system and contracts.
Machines connected to the contract solve complicated hashes with an answer unique to their ethereum address for the reward.
A solve rewards 100 Forge tokens at 48 minutes.  This reward will half every every ~4 years.
When the network hashrate decreases; miners recieve greater rewards.  When it increases; miners recieve less rewards.
This encourages our miners to constantly be turning off miners from our contract.
Since miners are rewarded for turning off miners, that means less miners to compete against.
Receive a mining reward of up to 50+ different cryptocurrencies and Forge!
Decentralized Proof of Work NFT mining!!!  Mine Forge NFTs!!! 
Mining rate of tokens controls auction rate, and stake rate.
Miners receive 66% of all 0xBitcoin collected by the Auction contract.
Use an FPGA for best results.  See our FPGA Guide below.
Check the Mining Pool Polyscan How to Mine & FPGA Buying Guide Download GPU Miner Here

  Auction Contract

Auction your 0xBitcoin Tokens for Forge Tokens here

Auctions will distribute 25% of the total Forge Token Supply

Securely and 100% decentralized auctions of Forge tokens in exchange for 0xBitcoin Tokens.
Our contract ONLY accepts 0xBitcoin Tokens to bid during Auction of Forge Tokens.
Each Auction lasts ~3-5 days.
After auction ends the Forge Tokens distributed divides by how much 0xBitcoin user sent. 
Each participant will fairly be able to claim their share of claimable Forge at auction end.  
At token launch Forge auction will provide 8,192 claimable Forge and will half every 600 auctions (estimated 4-5 years).
Use the orange "Auction DAPP" button below
Auction DAPP Polyscan How to Auction Guide

 Stake Contract

Forge Staking is a way to distribute Forge tokens to users who provide Liquidity for Forge / 0xBitcoin on Quickswap

Staking will distribute 25% of the total Forge Supply

Securely and 100% decentralized rewards for holders of the Quickswap 0xBitcoin/Forge liquidity token.
By staking liquidity tokens users allow Forge tokens to have deeper liquidity.  
A large liquidity allows our token to be distributed more fairly because a large part of the supply will always be for sale!
The contract will distribute 0xBitcoin tokens, Forge, Polygon and up to two other coins!
LP stakers also receive 33% of all 0xBitcoin collected by the Auction contract.
Use the orange "Stake DAPP" button below
Stake DAPP Polyscan How to Stake Guide

forgeForge NFT

Forge NFT is a mineable NFT on Forge that distributes to miners

Miners of Forge will recieve NFT shares automatically while mining Forge!
Users can vote on price, buy, claim, and cash in shares for Forge tokens!
Distributes over the next 2 years to miners!!!
Use the orange "Forge NFT DAPP" button below
Forge NFT DAPP Buy & Sell Forge NFT Shares (FNS) Polyscan FNS Forge NFT OpenSea Link Polyscan Forge NFT

forgeForge Guess

Forge Guess is a decentralized way to wager Forge tokens or stake Forge tokens in the house!

Users wager a Guess and hope a random number is lower than the guess

Securely wager against a house with predefined odds and a Verifable Random Chainlink oracle.
By staking Forge tokens users become the house and win/loose as players win and loose!
All profits go to stakers! 0% dev fee!
2.5% withdrawl fee on all staking withdrawls that goes back to other Guess stakers
Use the orange "Forge Guess DAPP" button below
Forge Guess DAPP Polyscan Forge Guess Stats

forgeForge Airdrop

Forge Airdrop is a decentralized way to airdrop tokens to users

Users of 0xBitcoin, Kiwi Token, BNBitcoin, Dice, and EVMavericks were chosen for this airdrop
After 30 days of no new deposits, the airdrop fully unlocks to the claim of 100, 30 or 10.
Use the orange "Forge Airdrop DAPP" button below for access
Forge Airdrop DAPP Polyscan Airdrop Account List

forge Bridge Forge (bForge)

Bridge Forge(bForge) on Polygon: 0x12e57037de3653cb98a56947e1612aa5b509f932
Bridge Forge(bForge) on Ethereum: 0xf3a9757743e7e5ea6604e794b3db89dd09a53303
Bridge Forge(bForge) on Arbitrum: 0x11f38b2aff86ff9f253f6fd91378e4c7dadf5667

Bridge Forge is a way to allow users to use Forge tokens in mainnet Ethereum!

Bridge Forge = wrapped Forge. All Bridge Forge is backed by Forge!

This is done by locking 100% of bForge Supply is in the bForge Converter dAPP that is only unlocked by supplying Forge 1:1 in return for bForge.

100% Decentralized using Polygons Proof of Stake bridge!!!

Users of Forge can swap 1 to 1 for bForge (and back 1 to 1) using our bForge Converter dAPP
Users are able to bridge bForge to Ethereum and then to Arbitrum for use in Arbitrum Bitcoin and Staking (ABAS) Token
Use the orange "bForge Converter DAPP" button below to convert
Add bForge to Metamask in next section
bForge Converter Polyscan for Converter Bridge bForge to Ethereum Here Polygon for BForge Token Etherscan for BForge Token

forge Add Tokens to Metamask

Adds Forge Token, Bridge Forge on Polygon, Bridge Forge on Ethereum, Bridge Forge on Arbitrum, and 0xBitcoin Token on Polygon, and Forge / 0xBitcoin Quickswap Liquidity Pool to a users Metamask 
On the Matic/Polygon Network
By clicking buttons below in a browser with Metamask installed
*If not using chrome, may need to reload webpage for each token Add


Only send 0xBitcoin from a Wallet you have the private key of like Metamask. Do not send 0xBitcoin directly from Coinbase/Kraken/Gemini or the 0xBitcoin purchase will not be credited correctly.
Please use the dAPP for easy Auction and Staking!
Must be on the Polygon/Matic Blockchain or your purchase will not be credited.
0xBitcoin Contract

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