What is Forge?

Forge is a tokenized contract on the Polygon blockchain which is one hundred percent decentralized, fair, trustless, and ownerless. Zero developer fee on the contracts. Forge uses a Proof of Work system that distributes rewards, and enables our auction and staking feature.


21,000,000 (50%) Forge Tokens distributed via Proof of Work Contract
10,500,000 (25%) Forge Tokens distributed via Auctions Contract
10,500,000 (25%) Forge Tokens distributed via Staking Contract

67% of the 0xBTC raised from the Auctions contract goes directly to Miners via Proof-of-Work, miners recieve 0xBitcoin per Solve.
33% of the 0xBTC raised from the Auctions contract goes back to Liquidiy Providers via the Staking Contract!

Forge Proof of Work Contract

50% of the Forge Token Supply is distributed to Proof-of-Work Miners.  They solve a complicated hash that rewards them with 150 Forge tokens. 
Which generatres a new complicated hash for the next miner to solve.  All 100% done on chain and 100% trustlessly and 100% without an owner of the contract
Along with the Forge Tokens, miners will also recieve 0.10$ in 0xBitcoin for every solve(0.033 0xBitcoin) if available.  
Miners make 3-5$ a day in 0xBTC profit along with their Forge Tokens daily, helping elivate transaction costs, electral costs, and even hardware costs!  
Ensuring the token is always mined!

Forge Auctions Contract

25% of the Forge Token Supply is distributed by the Auctions contract.
The speed which blocks are mined by Proof-of-Work miners will determine the auction length, fast miners = short auctions.  Averages to 72 hour auctions.
Each auction will sell 8,192 Forge Tokens split to all bidders evenly depending on how much 0xBitcoin they bid for the auction.
Your 0xBTC Deposited into Auction / Total 0xBTC for Auction * 8,192 = Your Forge Tokens you will Recieve.  
100% Fair based on amount of 0xBitcoin spent at that auction. 
All tracked and stored decentrally and trustlessly!

Forge Staking Contract

25% of the Forge Token Supply is distributed by the Liquidity Provider Staking Contract
The speed at which Stakers are rewarded will be deteremined by Proof-of-Work miners.  Fast miners = more rewards, slow miners = less rewards.
The rewards are split fairly and disitributed over a period of time to all Stakers.  
We are staking Forge/0xBitcoin Liquidiy Pool tokens.
This will 100% fairly and 100% decentrally distribute tokens to our Liquidity Providers, helping defeat Impermant Loss often associated with it.

Why should I mine for Forge?

Along with the Forge Tokens and the 0xBitcoin Tokens, miners will have the ability to mine up to 65 other Cryptocurrencies!
Any ERC20 sent to the Forge Contract will become instantly mineable! With most of the supply being distributed over 100 days.
This allows any token to become mineable, without having to run their own proof-of-work system.  
Our system allows for basically any token to be mined, since miners pay nothing!
We expect to see Fractionalized NFTs avaialble for mining!
No dev fee or any sort of fee is taken on the contract.

Forge NFT Shares

Forge NFT Shares (FNS) are used to distribute Forge NFTs to miners.

Why should I mine for Forge FNS tokens??

Forge NFT Shares are free to mine for all miners and they are mined alongside Kiwi and 0xBitcoin!
Forge NFT Shares tokens are used to vote on a price to sell the Forge NFTs for!
Forge NFT Shares tokens are used to collect Forge NFTs!
All this code is public allowinig for anyone to copy this for any NFT!!!!
It costs nothing for the user to mine FNS!
Viva La Mineables