Requirements to Mine

A Polygon Account.

Scroll Down for FPGA mining information

GPU Mining - Pool Mode

This Guide is for GPU miners on Windows computers
First, download and install these 3 dependencies to mine Forge.           
D&I - .NET Core 5.0
D&I - VC++ 2019
Make sure latest Nvidia updates are installed, CUDA 9.2 requires a minimum Nvidia driver version of 396

After that, extract from
Next, edit ForgeMiner.conf file in your unziped directory with a text editor. Input YOUR MetaMask/Wallet address Example screenshot
Run ForgeMiner.exe The program will then run on the Forge pool "" View shares here

Option - Solo Mining - GPU

Steps to Solo Mine

This requires the miner to supply Polygon to mine, however successful shares claim the full reward.
Example screenshot
(AFTER you ran the Forge.exe in previous steps)
Open the ForgeMiner.conf file, 
Insert the address you will be mining from. (Polygon)
Address must contain Matic to mine Forge (very little is required 1-2 Matic)
Insert your wallets private key into the "privateKey" section
A seperate private key is suggested for mining, so your main private keys remain confidential.
(Just a safety precaution! We will never use, sell, distribute your information on purpose!)
Run the Forge.exe application and you are now mining Forge with a GPU!!!

Mining With a FPGA

Buying a Blackminer F2 FPGA from 
suggested is F2. ETA 2-4 weeks for delivery!
Buying a Blackminer F1, F1+, or F2 on ebay/second hand

Setting up a blackminer FPGA

How to setup a FPGA unit - Blackminer F1, F1+, F2

Hookup and start FPGA.
You will connect to miner via IP from another computer on the network.
Find the miners IP then type that IP into an internet browser address bar. 
The login info is as follows: Example screenshot
	Login: root
	Password: root
Go to Configuration and Click Upgrade Find your Model and Download the "0xbtc" Algo Bitstream
Click Flash a new firmware version, find the .tar.gz file you just downloaded
Click Upload and wait 2 minutes.
Then go to Configuration and Click "Pool/Miner". Example #2 screenshot
	Select 0xbtc from the drop down list at the top.
	Enter "" for the pool.
	Enter your personal Polygon Address which you want to recieve payouts to.
Click Save, you are now setup!
View shares here and see stats on Miner Status in your Miners dashboard also

How many coins can be mined?

 21,000,000 Forge Tokens will be Mined using proof of Work.  Also 66% of the 0xBTC raised from the Auctions contract goes directly to Miners via Proof-of-Work, miners recieve up to 0.433 0xBitcoin per Solve.    
Viva La Mineables