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Lead Programmer - Stuart Salamon

Role: Main Programmer
Discord: Untouchable2k#6920
Experience: Coding for over 20 years, solidity and blockchains for the last three. Always interested in decentralized systems and security.
Degree: Associates in Computer Science
Built: Dapp page / React, Solidity Contracts, Statistics page, Mining pool, and Help pages.

Front-end Developer - Joseph Bittner

Role: Front-end programmer
Discord: DrCheekSlayer#1084
Experience: Coding for the last 3 years
Degree: Associates in Computer Science
Built: Front end main webpage, design of logos and colors.

Miner Software Developer - Crnxhhs

Discord: crnxhh#4535
Experience: 2 years of Blockchain experience along with 20 years in IT
Built: GPU Miner for Forge, Statistics, Pool help