Auctions only accept polygon wrapped 0xBitcoin.

How to enter and auction

Go to the Auctions & Staking DAPP Page. DAPP Link 
Connect Metamask. Metamask example screenshot
Go to the Auctions Tab.
Select how much 0xBitcoin you want to bid on the auctions.
Bid 0xBitcoin For the Auction, then allow approve and submit transactions.
Forge Bid example screenshot 

Advanced Auctions - Multiple Future Auctions bidding in one transaction.

Select the advanced tab in the DAPP
Input the starting day to bid on (must be greater than the current day and era)
Input the Total number of auctions. This is how many auctions you want to bid on
Input the Era to bid on (current era = 1
Select the address you want to bid for
Bid 0xBitcoin For the Auction button will have an approve and a submit two transactions
Forge Advanced Auctions example screenshot
No dev fee or any sort of fee is taken. All Cryptocurrencies are distributed 100% to the Forge community.
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